Friday, June 4, 2010

Die Partybahn!

I will be studying at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany next year so I am in the process of learning all I can about Germany. Weimar is in the state of Thuringia in central Germany, about 2.5 hours east of Frankfurt and 3 hours south of Berlin. Naturally the first thing I looked up about Weimar was if it has a tram- sadly it does not. But the next town east is called Jena, and it does have a tram. Not only a regular transit tram, but an older charter tram called Die Partybahn! I will be in Germany during the occurrence of my 32nd birthday, and I fully intend to spend it aboard Die Partybahn!

I ran some text from their website through Google Translate:

"The party can also train you for the pleasure of own party. Book Birthdays, stag parties, weddings, Semester parties, class reunions, school introductions, youth harriers and confirmations - the party has to train every occasion the very special atmosphere.

You ask by mail ( or by telephone at 03 641 41 41 29 to see if your preferred date is free and set start and destination stop and the duration of voyages.

The hourly rates for the rental of the party train are:
1 hours: 152,00 EUR
1.5 hours: 218,00 EUR
2 hours: 285,00 EUR.

Find out about the food and drinks."

And here is Die Partybahn! in action:

Can't wait to get on the party train!

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  1. Wow, lucky you! What a wonderful opportunity. There's a lot to love about Weimar, and there are also a number of interesting towns nearby. I was so thrilled to be able to go inside Goethe's house, but that may not be as big a draw for you. The food in Weimar is pretty good too, especially the Knoedel and the pastries made with poppy seed filling.