Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Design for Richmond's rail transit map

In early March I had a snow day from work with nothing to do, so I set out to design what I imagined Richmond's new tram network might look like. Click to see a larger image.

Here is a street map showing exactly where the lines run: Richmond Tram Lines The above diagram is not labeled with street names and is geographically distorted for readability. There are some differences between the diagram and the map, especially around VCU but they are roughly the same.

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  1. I recently found your blog while searching for rail yard diagrams to model in rail works-rail simulator.Your layout for Richmond's Rail Transit looks like a great project for me,although I am an amateur on the developer side I do enjoy the creative part of modeling rail lines and am some what of a railroad buff. We use Google maps and SRTDM Data,(shuttle topography)for a basic layout.I try to keep things as accurate as possible but of course the scenery will by no means be exact. I live on the south side or Richmond so I am familiar with the area.If this interests you in anyway I would welcome your input as far as line placement, stations, types of Trams to use etc. Due to time constraints it will be a slow process but I would be more than happy to update you with screens shots and other information and or questions.
    Thanks Mike