Thursday, August 20, 2009

High floor, low floor, bus floor, tram floor!

Greater, Greater Washington reported last week that DDOT and Metro planners have run into an interesting problem with DDOT's planned high streetcar platforms on their H Street corridor. They have planned 15-inch from top of rail platforms so that streetcar users will board level with the vehicle. This design improves accessibility for all streetcar riders. Meanwhile, Metro is operating low floor buses on the route with doors lower than the planned streetcar platforms. This would create a situation where riders exiting the bus have to step up onto the platform. Or if the bus gets too close to the platform, the doors would be damaged by hitting it; too far away and a dangerous gap is created. So Metro has asked DDOT to revise the design either by lowering the platform seven inches, or by changing the length of it so that buses can pull all the way past.

The photo below shows a San Francisco Muni high platform to illustrate the design problem the two agencies face. Imagine riders climbing up on the platform from a low floor bus.

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