Thursday, August 27, 2009

"High-Speed Boondoggle" by Robert J. Samuelson: the Urban Workshop Re-mix

"The Obama Eisenhower and every subsequent administration's enthusiasm for high-speed rail endless highway and road building is a dispiriting example of government's inability to learn from past mistakes. Since 1971, the federal government has poured almost $35 billion $1.89 trillion in subsidies into Amtrak air and highway funding with few public benefits that favor a few over many."

read on at St Louis Urban Workshop blog

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  1. Great redaction there. Have you read Yonah Freemark's response in the Infrastructurist to Edward Glaeser's HSR attack. Seems pretty thorough. I tend to question the tendency to put numbers on absolutely everything, but if that's how the case is sold, then I suppose it's necessary.

    Great blog, by the way. The more people hearing this message the better.