Monday, June 29, 2009

Goals of H.R. 2724

This is what that "Transportation for America" banner to the right is about. Notice that electric rail transit would accomplish all of these goals (except increasing freight transport)

From the Federation of state Public Interest Research Groups

The following goals, which are enumerated in the National Transportation Objectives Act of 2009, are critical benchmarks for future transportation policy:

1. Reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled by 16 percent.
2. Triple walking, biking, and public transportation usage.
3. Reduce transportation‐generated carbon dioxide level by 40 percent.
4. Reduce delay per capita by 10 percent.
5. Increase proportion of freight transportation provided by railroad and inter modal
services by 20 percent.
6. Achieve 0 percent population exposure to at‐risk levels of air pollution.
7. Improve public safety and lower congestion costs by reducing traffic crashes by 50
8. Increase share of major highways, regional transit fleets and facilities, and
bicycling/pedestrian infrastructure in good state of repair condition by 20 percent.
9. Reduce average household combined housing plus transportation costs by 25
percent, using 2000 as a base year.
10. Increase by 50 percent the number of essential destinations (work and non‐work)
accessible within 30 minutes by public transportation or 15 minutes by walking, for
low‐income, senior, and disabled populations.

America needs a new transportation future based on national priorities that enhances our economy, environment, and quality of life. We respectfully ask you to co‐sponsor the National Transportation Objectives Act of 2009.

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