Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What the heck is the FRA doing to "High Speed" Rail??

From the RT-D:

High Speed Rail Line Would Include Ashland, Staples Mill

Well that kind of says it all, doesn't it? The FRA nixed a plan to create new right of way that would bypass these stops to the east, and stop at Richmond's Main St. station. It appears they intend to use the existing right of way and stop at a sleepy little station in Ashland. That doesn't sound like high speed rail to me!

It's great that regional trains stop there, and in other places like Fredericksburg. But a true high speed line would have a dedicated right of way, and would only call in the busiest cities, ie DC-Richmond-Raleigh and so forth. Can you imagine flying to New York and having the plan land at every small airfield in between? That would not be high speed travel, and neither is this.

Currently Amtrak averages about 30mph between Richmond and DC. Even with a fast train stopping at all these stations average speeds will max out at maybe 50mph, still making it a 2+ hour trip. That's not high speed!

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