Friday, June 12, 2009

Historic Map of Richmond, VA

Look at this neat old map of Richmond. I can't find a date on it, but the oldest it could be is 1901, as the Main St. Station appears on the map. It's interesting that Oregon Hill is called "Clay Ward." Also interesting is the "Byrd St. Station" at the corner of 7th and Byrd, no longer there. On Byrd St. itself we can see "Byrd St. Tunnel" which is no longer there, however a carved stone marker remains, although obscured in brush next to the expressway.


  1. where did you find that historic map of Richmond? I am looking for just that.

  2. That map is awesome. Where can I get one?

  3. That is a map of Richmond from a Baedeker Guide to the United States, likely from around 1909 as that was a popular version although there were others (I have several copies from different years). You can view a somewhat larger version at